Monthly Archives: January 2013

Choosing Fiduciaries for Estate Plans

by Bryan Lane Berson, Esq. Typically, an estate plan contains several documents.  Wills, trusts, powers of attorney (“POA”), and health care proxies (“HCP”) fulfill different functions.  They appoint one or more people to carry out different responsibilities.  Collectively, these people are known as “fiduciaries.”  A fiduciary has a legal duty to act for the benefit […]

Avoiding and Managing Risks with Insurance

by Bryan Lane Berson, Esq. Risk can’t be discussed in general terms.  Risks are specific in nature.  Executives, entrepreneurs, and consumers should identify and describe risks as articulately as possible.  Usually, they involve some risk of loss.  Where possible, risks should be avoided.  Risks that cannot be avoided should be managed by transferring or insuring […]