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Self-Destructive Habits: Why Do So Many Good Companies Fail?

by Bryan Lane Berson, Esq. Many good companies fail. Whether you own a business, are employed by one, or have invested in one it is very disconcerting because your career and financial security are at stake. To be successful, it is important to avoid failure. In The Self-Destructive Habits of Good Companies and How to […]

Can You Improve Your Organization’s Effectiveness?

by Bryan Lane Berson, Esq. Last month’s column explored one of Peter Drucker’s masterworks, The Effective Executive. This column analyzes additional insights to improve organizational effectiveness. Drucker noted that poor job design impedes effectiveness. Jobs that defeat multiple executives in succession should probably be redesigned. Organizations should not have to recruit superheroes. Good processes enable […]

Developing the Habits of an Effective Executive

by Bryan L. Berson, Esq. Peter Drucker (1909-2005) was among the most insightful managerial consultants and scholars of the 20th Century. While most management books focus on managing others, Drucker’s The Effective Executive focuses on managing oneself. To Drucker, effectiveness means accomplishing the right things. In spite of what the financial press portrays, executives are […]